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Atherton Country Home

The Climate Right System (CRS) installed in this country home remodel in Atherton, CA was specified by Monterey Energy Group, Pacific Grove, CA. It was purchased by the general contractor, Canyon Construction, on behalf of the homeowner. The CRS provides hot water to a radiant floor heating system installed by Westhaven Construction, and distributes chilled water and heating hot water to hydronic fan coils.

A Clear Edge Power CE5 stationary hydrogen fuel cell combined heat and power system provides 5KW of grid connected electrical power 24 hours a day as well as 20,000 Btuh of 150°F waste heat. The CRS manages distribution of this continuous supply of hot water by storing it in a 160 gallon storage tank manufactured by Triangle Tube and a second 119 gallon storage tank by Heat Transfer Products.

The controls for the CRS manage and maintain all HVAC set points, storage tank temperatures, domestic hot water recirculation and when the storage tanks reach their high limit the controls shift to heating the swimming pool through a shell and tube heat exchanger.

The digital controls include a web enabled graphical user interface that displays all system operating parameters, actual temperatures and keeps trend logs for commissioning and continual high efficiency operation.

Alarms are sent by text and email message to authorized service persons and the building owner to assure prompt and efficient diagnosis and repair if necessary.

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