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Russian River Hilltop Retreat

Single family home supported by renewable and energy efficient systems.

Deltanor Climate Right System digital web enabled controls.

Heating: Pellet boiler provides heat source to solar thermal assisted storage tanks. Heating provided by multizone dampers from two air handlers for the entire house. Domestic water provided from the two tanks and high efficiency boiler as back up.

Air conditioning: Whole house cooling using cool outside air in the absense of refrigerated cooling, building pressurization and variable speed air handlers provide high level of comfort and controls.

Solar thermal energy systems include: two arrays of three Velux U12 collectors with an additional 119, pre-heat domestic hot water tank for high gain and low demand.

Mechanical Engineer: Monterey Energy Group

Plumbing Engineer: Monterey Energy Group

General Contractor: Leff Construction

Mechanical Contractor: Simpson Sheet Metal

Plumbing Contractor: Le Duc and Dexter, Inc.

Solar Thermal: Le Duc and Dexter, Inc.

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