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Bevery Hills Luxury Home

8000 square foot modern architecture by world renowned architect Ricardo Legoretta. Features high ceilings, sharp rectangular lines and an abundance of light. The entire building is heated with embedded radiant hydronic tubing through insulated PEX distribution to manifolds by zone controls with slab sensors and air sensors.

Controlled by the digital energy management system, the unique features of the mechanical system include de-humidification, whole house ventilation with variable speed exhaust fan and filtered outside air make-up. Multiple fan coils provide zone controls with dampers.

The Climate Right System specified for this project includes a 199,000 Btuh high efficiency boiler by Lochinvar, two Triangle Tube SME 60 160 gallon storage tanks with 120 gallons of stored domestic water, and 200 gallons of heating system fluid generated by a stationary hydrogen fuel cell by ClearEdge Power. Excess heat generated by the combined heat and power system is sent to the swimming pool floor and walls where tubing was embedded to create a radiant pool shell.

An additional solar thermal collection feature is installed where the pool deck is embedded with  tubing and a sensor that pumps pool water into the pool deck, either heating the pool by cooling the deck or cooling the pool at night by heating the deck.

The digital control system includes graphical user interfaces on a touch pad PC and provides visual indications, as well as animated equipment while the HVAC and energy systems are working. Any alarms generated by the control system are sent to the service contractor and home owner so problems can be diagnosed before a service call is required.

The home is targeted to be net zero electric consumption with the grid tied fuel cell while using the waste heat generated 24 hours per day for domestic hot water, space heating through radiant floors and the swimming pool shell.

Design Architect: Legoretta + Legoretta, Mexico City, Mexico

Executive Architect: Bernstein and Zubietta, Venice, CA

Mechanical Engineer: SDPM

Plumbing Engineer: SDPM

General Contractor: RJC Builders, Los Angeles, CA

Mechanical Contractor: Yantzer Brothers Air

CHP: ClearEdge Power

Expected completion: Spring 2012

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