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The SDPM Story

Sustainable Design and Product Management, SDPM, is an award winning mechanical engineering design and consulting firm in Santa Cruz, CA founded in 2003 by William Shady, P.E, a professional mechanical engineer, product developer and inventor.

"image of Bill Shady standing next to a solar panel"When Bill started SDPM, he knew he wanted to be a part of the re-emerging renewable energy movement and decided to focus his business on energy efficient HVAC systems, with emphasis on solar thermal integrated domestic hot water and radiant hydronic space heating and cooling. He believed it was the healthiest and most energy efficient form of heating and cooling. However, he quickly realized a market opportunity when he discovered that the industry was still fragmented due to problems stemming from a shortage of qualified installers, poor equipment performance and lack of standardization. The fact is,  for the most part every installation was different from the last one, and likely different than the next. There was no appliance on the market that could meet all of these needs. Compounding the problem was the perception that radiant hydronic heating was deemed too complicated because it was an unfamiliar technology to many contractors and every system had to be custom designed and fabricated at each project. Bill knew the answer to the problem was in standardizing and mass production with functional testing completed before leaving the factory.

The Italian Job

It wasn’t until April of 2008 when he tackled the challenge of designing and  installing solar assisted radiant heating in an 800-year-old mill on a tiny Mediterranean Island that he realized he was already developing the solution.

An American businessman who owned the mill, along with a vineyard and an olive orchard, hired SDPM to design a mechanical system to help make his property energy independent. Bill designed the solar assisted radiant hydronic heating system and had the system built in sub assemblies in  his fabrication facility in Santa Cruz, CA and had it all shipped in containers to Rome, then Sicily and finally out to the island.

"image of the Climate Right System"While he was trudging his equipment up a steep hill, Shady got the inspiration for the Climate Right System.  It would have been so much more efficient, he reasoned,  to have had a complete pre-assembled packaged system,  rather than a container full of parts. When he returned from Italy he began work on The Climate Right System, a simple engineered equipment package in a single insulated cabinet that could be built under factory conditions and manufacturing standards, tested for leaks and functional controls and then shipped to the project site including, and especially suited for, remote locations.