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  • Awards and Recognition

Awards & Recognition

2008 Radiant Panel Association System Showcase

West Residence: Los Angeles County — 3rd Place Award for Innovation

  • 2800 sq ft 1950′s vintage bungalow overlooking Los Angeles.
  • Modulating condensing boiler feeds custom-designed concrete panels. PEX tubing in the floors, shower walls and portable swimming pool.
  • Pool is installed over an insulation-layered bed with aluminum emission places under a thin cushion pad.

Millslagle Residence: Santa Cruz, CA — 3rd Place Award for Simplicity

  • Newly constructed 2000 sq ft home.
  • Radiant floor heating only, provided via 3/8 inch PEX tubing fed by modulating condensing boiler.
  • Floor coverings are carpet with pad and tile.

2007 Radiant Panel Association System Showcase

Iuliano Residence: Soquel, CA — 1st Place Award for Innovation

  • 6700 sq ft home features radiant floor heating and solar assisted domestic hot water, swimming pool and spa heating.
  • Constant pressure variable speed pump controls flow to each of the telestat-controlled manifolds in the radiant floor heating system.
  • Solar panels heat the pool shell directly during the summer and create even temperatures regardless of the depth by heating from the bottom up.