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History of SDPM

Sustainable Design and Product Management, SDPM, was founded in 2003 by William Shady P.E., a professional mechanical engineer, in order to meet the needs of discriminating clients who wants the highest quality heating and cooling products possible for their homes and commercial buildings.

Bill has over 25 years of experience in the industrial, commercial and custom residential markets. All of his design projects are complete with design drawings signed and stamped by him, and managed in the field if necessary, so that decisions can be made quickly and efficiently. He is also an expert in the integration of all environmental systems, which means his clients can simply enjoy their controlled environments without effort.

As many design professionals are aware, the early planning phases of a major project is the time to have the mechanical engineer provide support for the plumbing and mechanical systems. SDPM not only provides design development and schematic design support for their projects, we also contribute valuable budgetary input, so that cost estimates can be realistic and decisions can be made based on our experience and past project costs.

Our design input and expertise in Title-24 Energy Compliance Analysis give the Architect the tools to conceivably incorporate more glazing and natural lighting, ensure a comfortable heating system to use more natural and sustainable materials, and the most efficient life cycle cost heating and cooling systems.

Construction drawings are produced early and are used by the Architect and builder to coordinate utilities, thus maximizing the conditioned areas.

Please contact Bill for more information.