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“Everything was excellent. System works great. Bill took care of the few problems we had and I’m very happy.”Frank S. (Homeowner)

“Bill’s contribution and focus kept the design development meetings moving forward and helped the entire design team understand the implications of their decisions on the mechanical and plumbing systems for the entire multi-phase project.”
Jesse Nickell III (Vice-President, Barry Swenson Builder – Santa Cruz, CA)

“The fast response and attention to detail helped get the plans through the building department as quick as possible.”
Larry Golden (Golden Vision Design – Santa Cruz, CA)

“I am allergic to dust and I hate to be cold. I love my new radiant heat!”
Beth S. (Homeowner)

“We asked Bill if he could provide a design that incorporated the existing swimming pool heating system, a new solar heating system, and a hydronic radiant floor heating system. The result was a fully integrated system that saved space and energy by having one control system operate all the equipment, using extra heat from the pool heater to keep the storage tanks hot.”
Bryan Martin (Bryan Martin Construction – Santa Cruz, CA)

“Easy and efficient to work with. Flip the switch and the job was done.”
John A. (Heating and Mechanical Installing Contractor – Durango, CO)

“Bill’s ability to keep the design team of Architects and Engineers focused, on schedule and on budget was instrumental in the success of a very complex Military Family Housing project in Seoul, South Korea, for the US Army Corp of Engineers.”
M. Gregory Mantz (AIA, Carter and Burgess – Oakland, CA)

“Terrific system. Excellent.”
Greg M. (AIA Architect – Mill Valley, CA)

“My mother-in-law is so happy and warm now. Thank you, SDPM!” Beth P. (Santa Cruz, CA)

“I’ve had some time to look at the SDPM appliances for integrating and controlling multiple energy sources for hybrid HVAC systems. For a long time I’ve been a big fan of the appliance principle and specifically for systems which incorporate hydronics as the integrating medium. The SDPM product line developed by Bill Shady, P.E., and his team enables the merging of renewable systems into a form that facilitates function by overcoming the complex challenges of custom on site fabricated systems. With this product line, Bill has applied his engineering skills with his passion for conservation in demonstrating that even the most complex energy management system can be standardized by simple recognized shapes. It looks like an appliance, has the same parts as an appliance and its very coolness is elevated by how effectively it conserves time and energy in the world of engineering, contracting and sustainability.”

Robert Bean, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.) Energy and IEQ