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Should your Next Home be Net Zero Energy?

Posted on by Beth

An article written by Beth Shady, President and Director of Marketing for SDPM appears in this month’s PhC News and Plumbing Engineer.  Beth interviewed Net Zero Energy expert David Knight of NZEC in Monterey, CA who discusses his theory that homeowners would rather produce their own electricity from solar than buy from the local utility company if the after tax price is the same or less.

Knight believes that the significant reduction in grid tied solar electric systems has made building a net zero energy home more affordable for the average homeowner. To support his theory, Knight created the SPER chart which compares the Solar Provided Electric Rate with the after tax equivalent rate of electricity.

Plumbing & Mechanical

PM Profile: Sunny Forecast For Solar Thermal Market 
by Bob Miodonski
March 1, 2011

"image of Bill Shady on cover of PM News Solar Heating Report"
Solar Heating Report Supplement to PM News
Solar Heating Report The Italian Job
by Kelly Falloon
Spring 2010

Contractor Living Magazine
Climate Right Systems Provides Pre-Assembled Equipment Packages
Jul 1, 2009

Climate Right Systems reviewed by Robert Bean, R.E.T., P.L. (Eng.) in his blog, Journal of Indoor Environmental Quality.


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Solar Heating Systems: Storage mediums and temperature control strategies for predictable and consistent performance

Posted on by Beth

From Solar Pro Magazine, Apr/May 2010 written by Boaz Soifer, Bristol Stickney

“Residential solar installations are on the rise nationwide, but deployment of solar space-heating systems lags well behind photovoltaic, solar pool heating and domestic water heating technologies. A variety of factors contribute to this trend. Foremost among them is the complexity of space-heating system design and installation, especially heat storage and system controls. Space heating represents more than 40% of home energy use. As more proven designs and modular components are brought to market, many heating contractors will routinely offer solar heating.

For solar heating to become mainstream, systems need to have consistent, predictable performance and offer a user interface that is comparable to conventional heating systems. The customer should have to adjust only the thermostat, and the rest of the system should take care of itself. If the control approach sheds excess solar heat into a concrete floor, the floor’s temperature must not fluctuate dramatically. Customers do not want rooms overheating due to excessive system output. If a hot tub or swimming pool is used to shed excess heat, a safe high limit temperature must be maintained.” read more

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Energy Independence for 800 Year Old Italian Mill and Winery

Posted on by Beth

When an American businessman purchased an 800 year old mill on a 20 acre winery and olive orchard on a remote Italian Mediterranean island he knew that due to the lack of developed utilities on the island he would have to find a way to make his property sustainable and energy independent. (more…)

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