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  • Climate Right System: Renewable, Integrated, Gas, Hybrid, Thermal Systems

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Hydronic Heating and Cooling Appliance

"Climate Right System logo"The Climate Right System was developed as a completely engineered, assembled and functional tested equipment package for hydronic heating and cooling, which simply defined, uses water as a means to heat and cool.

"image of Solar assisted Daikin Altherma air-to-water heat pump with back up boiler"

Solar assisted Daikin Altherma air-to-water heat pump with back up boiler

The Climate Right System is a hydronic heating and cooling appliance that eliminates the traditional custom design and field fabricated systems that are typically value engineered out of the project as too expensive, that requires weeks in the mechanical room in the field, and in many cases months to determine why it is not working the way it was intended to work. It offers an alternative to the traditional standardized forced air furnace.  Where a furnace can only heat air, the Climate Right System heats domestic hot water, heats and cools the building, and can use waste heat for swimming pool and spa heating.

The following sequence of models demonstrates the layers of the Climate Right System beginning with the basic frame that supports the equipment followed by the components required for space heating, domestic hot water production, domestic hot water recirculation, solar thermal assist and solar thermal space heating injection. Click on images to view larger.

"image of the front view of The Climate Right System"

Frontal view of The Climate Right System

Domestic hot water production capabilities currently  include two service sizes, 1-1/2″ and 1″ copper. High volume tempering valves, stainless steel re-circulation pump, isolation and check valves complete the two offerings. The top section of the Climate Right System is removable and can be sized for the specific service requirements of the building based on fixture units and diversity.

Maximum internal boiler input capacity is currently 399 Mbh with another external heat input in series that increases total heat input to 600 Mbh for concurrent domestic hot water and space heating.

600 Mbh input with two 119 gallon DHW tanks

High volume domestic hot water storage can be provided by two 119 gallon storage tanks both fired indirectly by the boiler plant.

Solar thermal or waste heat from various combined heat and power systems is managed internally with sensors and control valves to maximize storage efficiency, distribution to space heating, and to transfer excess heat to a dump load such as a swimming pool or recharge a geothermal heat pump well used primarily in the winter for heating.

Heating hot water and chilled water is provided by various heat pumps, both air to water and geothermal to water for combined domestic hot water, space heating and cooling, and cooling only applications.

"image of CRS digital controls"

Deltanor Digital Controls

Digital controls are provided by Delta and Uponor using a touch panel interface and graphics that simplify what the system is doing and alarms the customer and service contractor when any of the performance criteria are out of range.

Sub-metering is easily accomplished by adding digital flow meters on services to be charged or to validate the monthly and annual performance of the renewable energy systems.