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Residential and Commercial Mechanical Engineering and Plumbing Systems

  • Mechanical room evaluation
  • systems correction studies
  • construction feasibility studies

Inspection and Field Documentation

  • Site and system performance evaluation
  • Walk through and system documentation for real estate transactions
  • Inspection and documentation for owners use

Construction Documents for Permit and Installation

  • Complete engineering and construction documentation by licensed Mechanical Engineer
  • Title 24 Energy compliance analysis
  • IECC Residential energy code calculations
  • Radiant Hydronic Floor Heating
  • Bathroom shower and steam room systems
  • Towel warmers and auxiliary heating systems
  • Solar hot water system integration for:
    • Radiant floor heating systems
    • Domestic hot water
    • Swimming pools and Spas
  • HVAC design and installation
  • Conventional low pressure systems:
    • Geo exchange heat pumps
    • DX split systems
    • Unitary systems
  • High velocity systems:
    • Chilled Water
    • DX split systems
    • Air cooled heat pumps
  • Indoor air quality systems:
    • Heat recovery ventilators
    • Outside air economizers
    • Exhaust systems
  • Conventional low pressure systems
    • Plumbing system design
    • Natural Gas distribution
    • Cold water distribution
    • Domestic Water system
    • Drain Waste and Vent systems
  • Green Building evaluation related to the energy systems


Below are examples of the various types of assemblies used in different construction methods.

Poured Floor Underlayment On a Suspended Wood Floor

Poured Floor Underlayment Over a
Suspended Wood Floor with Sleepers

Uponor Quick Trak™ Panels Above a
Subfloor with Hardwood

Slab On or Below Grade with
Underslab and Edge Insulation

Joist Heating with Uponor Joist Trak™ Emission Plates

Thermal Images

These images illustrate the infrared thermal output of the various types of assemblies.

Joist Trak™

Embedded Slab

Quick Trak™