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The Benefits of Radiant Hydronic Heat

"image of child on warm floors"Comfort – The feet are the thermostats of the body. When they are cold, we are cold. Homeowners with radiant hydronic heat report that they feel more comfortable at lower thermostat settings. One of our happy customers once expressed his satisfaction, “Goodbye flannels, hello nighties.”

Relief from allergies – Forced air furnaces, or as we refer to it here at SDPM as “scorched air furnaces,” tend to stir up dust, thus aggravating those who are sensitive to allergens. Heated floors also greatly reduce the growth of mold.

Energy efficiency and low operating cost – Overall efficiency increases of up to 50% are possible with a correctly engineered in-floor radiant heating system. This is attributable to the use of a high efficiency condensing hot water boiler. While hot air rises, radiant heat travels in all directions. Consequently, even a room with high cathedral ceilings and marble floors can be warm and toasty.

Decorating Freedom – Without furnaces to work around or floor vents to consider, you can put your couch or flat screen TV wherever you want.


Below are examples of the various types of assemblies used in different construction methods. Whether your home is new construction or a remodel of an existing home, there is a radiant heating assembly that is right for your needs.

Poured Floor Underlayment On a Suspended Wood Floor

Poured Floor Underlayment Over a
Suspended Wood Floor with Sleepers

Uponor Quick Trak™ Panels Above a
Subfloor with Hardwood

Slab On or Below Grade with
Underslab and Edge Insulation

Joist Heating with Uponor Joist Trak™ Emission Plates

Thermal Images

These images, taken with a thermal imaging camera, illustrate the heat that radiates from the floors by type of assembly. There is nothing more comforting than the warmth from radiant heated floors.

Joist Trak™

Embedded Slab

Quick Trak™